Schedule times are on the hour. For example 10am, 11am.

Friday (6-8pm) 

Saturday (10am-2pm) 

Sunday (10am-2pm) 

Monday (OPEN All morning)

If you have an example of the posing style and edit you would like please send it to me. All suggestions are welcomed.


$200. individual session (1 person)

30-45min session

Up to 2 outfits

Email link of entire session

Pick 5 photos you want to be edited (blemishes and light balancing only)

Detailed edits option are available (example BBL edits)


$200. Group (2 or more)

30-45min session 

1 outfit

Email link of entire session. Please designate a contact person to receive the email link and distributed. 

Pick 5 photos you want to be edited (blemishes and light balancing only) 

No detail edit options available for group


Cash app $50. deposit to $AJPLLC after time slot has been approved. $50. non refundable. Zelle customers use ([email protected]).  I'm not responsible for lateness.  The time starts and end according to schedule.  Before sending deposit confirm your time slot.  Thank you. If you have any questions text or call me at 6784395017.  Please forgive any grammatical errors or misstatements. 

 Clickhere to book the experience you deserve. I will contact you for deposit once your time has been approved. Thank you.